Avoid Clipper Cut Disasters…5 Common Mistakes!

Are you having a hard time perfecting your clipper cuts either at home or in the salon?


Here are some tips on where you may be going wrong based on years of teaching the art of perfecting the clipper cut.

  1. Get stable: Stabilizing your blade will ensure your clients are free from any unwanted bald spots!
  2. Make Contact: Keep the clipper-blade stable on the spine of the comb while performing clipper cuts to maintain stability and create precision styles.
  3. Blend in: Always hold the comb at an angle, working from the short hair beneath to the longer hair above using the clipper over comb method.
  4. Fade out: One of the most common mistakes in a clipper fade is putting a line in that needs to be taken out.  Select the fade point, set the clipper in, tip it out and your result will be a natural look that fades away from the head.
  5. Missing Tools: Get on THE LEDGE. The Ledge Comb’s unique, patented design erases the fear of clipper cutting and provides confidence and consistency when passing the clipper across the ledge of the comb.

For more support on creating superior lines and edges on your clipper cut clients, visit here.

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