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Opening Day!  It’s the buzz for any baseball fan no matter where you live. Of course, as you know, I live in Charm City, so I’m a Baltimore Orioles fan. Let’s just agree that this blog is about The O’s, but feel free to insert your favorite hometown team at any point.  (I was born in an orange tee shirt, what can I say?)  So, what do you think of when you think Baseball?   You think of hot dogs, cold beer, and the smell of the park.  It’s peanuts and Cracker Jacks, and remembering Wild Bill Hagy standing on top of the dugout.  You hear the crack of the bat, and the roar of the crowd as you watch your best hitter slide into home. The boys of summer have emerged from their spring training, and are ready to rock the new season!  I’m wondering…are you ready to rock the new season too?


Spring into action!  Just like our favorite baseball team members, you have work to do. It’s time to get ready for the action, and make it work!  The weather is nice. We are able to get outside, and get ourselves back into the pre-winter blue’s shape we enjoyed back in September!   While we’re at it, why not give our clients a cool cut to go with their favorite team shirt?  We all want to look great, whether it be in the stadium, the gym, the park, or our job!   THE LEDGE COMB, is a great tool to help you turn yourself, or your client…into a new person!  A nice tapered haircut is the rage, and you can hit it out of the ballpark, gain a client and a stylist for life with that!


GO TEAM!  Hit it OUT of the Park this season, and GO ORIOLES!


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