BECKER’S BLOG: Spring Style, What’s Yours?





Bye-Bye Winter!


Guys it’s almost over.  Winter 2013-2014 is about to get kicked out of town, and it doesn’t matter what town you live in either, the majority of the country has endured a rather frigid season. So say “goodbye till next year” to your snow shovels, sleds, chains, parkas and boots, because today, at least according to the calendar, is the first full day of SPRING, and I’m excited!


Now I know most of you will say:  “But Irv, I still have snow on my lawn” And, if you happen to live in Baltimore like I do, I know that you do. But it’s SPRING! Wake UP! Get on with it!  While you’re bidding farewell to all the winter-gear, why not think about bidding adieu to yourself?  The new YOU!  Yeah, I’m talking hair!


Hello SPRING!  Hello new YOU!


It’s a common conversation in the salon.  Client comes in and slumps down in the chair and says:  “Well, I know I should have come in sooner, but figured as long as I could wear my hat…” You know the drill.  We love when winter comes.  We embrace comfort foods, and sweaters, and hats and gloves…and we’re cool with that because we can cover ourselves up.  But guess what people, SPRING has sprung, and it’s time to un-cover!  While you’re packing those sweaters away, why not consider a new you?




What?  You don’t know how to begin?  Let me help.




Step ONE:  Pay attention to what your inner-YOU is saying!


What is your lifestyle?  What do you want your lifestyle to be?  How do you want to present to the world this season?  I honestly suggest giving yourself a once-over before you see your stylist.   Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone either, it’s SPRING, the season has changed and so should YOU!


Step TWO:  Research!


You know those magazines that you’re gazing over in the doctor’s office, or the check out line at the grocery store?  Pick one up!  They are filled with ideas, and one just may fit you’re new you!  Also, don’t be afraid of the Internet!  You can Google anything these days, and you just might Google your new YOU!  One of my favorites comes from the magazine marie claire, where you can upload your photo and virtually “try on” your new YOU!


Step THREE:  Keep trends in mind, but don’t limit yourself!


YOU are the authority of yourself, and you can make yourself into anything you want to!  This season, as seen on the red carpet, hair is all about being flirty.  If you like your tresses long, maybe opt for a loose style that takes little effort.  Think beach wave meets old school glamour!  Gone are the days of slaving at the mirror with your straightener…hair is comfortable, and not perfect!




Why not go short?  Short hair on men and women alike is a booming trend!  Don’t be afraid to take your spring look to a new level.  A pixie, crop or crew cut is a phenomenal way to update your look, and spring into summer with ease; you’ll look great at the office, beach or party! Anything goes!


Step FOUR:  Find the “Right One”


Finding a stylist that you feel comfortable with is your key to success.  You must be able to communicate your wants and needs.  Talk to friends, pay attention to the buzz around town, and don’t be afraid to ask for a consultation first.


Step FIVE:  New Hair, New YOU!  Welcome Spring 2014!


Make that appointment, and engage your stylist.  The more he or she knows about you, and the more you know about them, makes for a better relationship.  Maybe you want to opt for a new color or highlights while you’re at it?  Make your day at the salon YOUR DAY…and walk out with your new YOU!










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