It’s Almost Summer! Thinking of Rocking Short Hair?

You’ve spent all year growing your hair out, you’ve kept up on your trims, used fancy products and made it to long hair heaven. But now you’re considering rocking a short haircut! It seems like cutting your hair can be a frightening and potentially traumatic experience.  Alternatively, cutting your hair short is like reinventing yourself and spring is a time of reinvention!

Here are some things to consider before taking the plunge:

Are You a “Put it up. Pull it back” Kind of Girl?

When you have short hair, there are no more buns or ponytails or braids. If you are a braider and bun enthusiast having short hair may put you into withdrawal.

Consider Your Hair Type

Technically you can have short hair with any hair type but consider yours and the look you’re going for. If your hair is super curly, fine, thick, etc. that’s all good but make sure you understand the outcome based on your hair type.

Consider Maintenance

Do you hate going to the salon? Dislike doing your hair in the morning? Short hair can be more high maintenance than the Kardashians! Do whatever is going to make your life easier but do know that short hair needs TLC!

Consider Your Face Shape

Any girl can sport a short cut but be prepared! View pics of girls with a similar face shape, choose a few that you like, and share with your stylist.

Keep it Professional

Home haircuts can be easy to achieve with the right tools but for a dramatic, new short cut – let the professionals do the work.  Short hair can be difficult to get right – so find a stylist that right for you.

For some inspiration on great short cuts, check out our gallery here. If you’re a stylist and interested in learning how you can improve your short hair technique, watch our video. The ledge comb provides stability and precision to maintain a smooth even cut, eliminating lines of demarcation, and greatly improving clipper-over-comb blending technique – get yours today!

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